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Getting Closer to Setting a Surgery Date

See the video above for the latest news.

Video transcript

According to Ashley–Dr. Dunn’s nurse–the final paperwork to approve my replacement skull flap is on Dr. Dunn’s desk, ready for signing. She is also coordinating with the three surgeons to find a date that works for all three. Once the surgeons agree on a date and the replacement flap is manufactured, it takes about three to four weeks. Ashley will fill out leave forms for my caretakers. 

We’re making progress people! It took most of 38 years for this baby to grow but in about a month or so it will finally meet the outside world and I will be tumor free!

notes About this video

Hey! I’m trying some animated video updates (it can help me save energy by not doing hair and makeup) and this is the first one. It’s tough trying to sync things using this software, so please bear with me. NOTE: I originally posted this video on 9/27/19 via Animaker, but realized that the voiceover was truncated. I contacted Animaker’s chat about the issue that day, but still have not received a response, so I finally figured out an okay work-around. Thank you for being patient!

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