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Update After Oral Surgeon Appointment

The oral/facial surgeon will go in after the neurosurgeon and middle ear ENT surgeon to clean up any post-tumor “defects”, or gaps where the tumor currently resides.  Dr. Tiwana is waiting on the new scans that I’m getting this week before he can estimate how much repair work will need to be done on my jaw and TMJ areas.  Also, the TMJ pain and pressure I’ve had for years? Dr. Tiwana confirmed that it is likely due to the long-growing tumor.  Hopefully that means I’ll be pain-free in the jaw once the healing is done!

Video transcript

Hi this is Hat Lady Nicole. The brief update after meeting with the oral facial surgeon: no appointment footage today–it was a quick consult and the doctor wants to wait to film until he can thoroughly investigate my case, understandably. 

As far as complexity of surgeries go, the doctor said this is probably a nine out of ten and that’s just because so many areas of the head will be involved.  The tumor is so large and it’s over the middle ear– the temporal bone–and it could be into my jaw as well. The team still believes the tumor’s benign so the news can’t get any better. More updates this week after the MRI and CT scans!

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