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Masaya Volcano vent

When I (Unwillingly) Sacrificed My Favorite Black Retro Fedora to the Masaya Volcano

How Did an Oklahoman’s Retro Fedora End Up in a Nicaraguan volcano in the first place? My husband Don and I attended a meteorologist friend’s wedding that took place on top of Masaya Volcano National Park in Nicaragua–in fact, the bride’s father had the entire park shut down for the ceremony, angering several tourists who […]

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post surgery update - improved face movement

Post Surgery Update – Improved Face Movement

https://youtu.be/F-VggrCYSGM Today was the first day I put on a little makeup (some powder foundation) and some mascara since before surgery. Also, I won an Apple Watch from Oklahoma Chronic Magazine by posting some of my purchased medicine to Instagram and tagging the relevant dispensary for each photo (where I got the medicine)…next month’s promotion

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Surgery is scheduled

Surgery is SCHEDULED!

See the above video for the latest news about scheduling the craniotomy. Video Transcript: Hi everyone. This morning was rough–got up really early, took Don to go get his surgery so his kneecap is back in place. Everything’s good, he’s recovering well after surgery and he’s gonna be up and walking before you know it.

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No News Yet

No News

See the video for the latest news. Video Transcript Hi, Hat Lady Nicole here. No news yet–we’re waiting on the doctors to set the schedule for the surgery. Haven’t heard back on that yet but they are working on my replacement skull plate so that should be done soon– hopefully within the next month. And

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