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Post Surgery Update – Improved Face Movement

Today was the first day I put on a little makeup (some powder foundation) and some mascara since before surgery. Also, I won an Apple Watch from Oklahoma Chronic Magazine by posting some of my purchased medicine to Instagram and tagging the relevant dispensary for each photo (where I got the medicine)…next month’s promotion is $500 giveaway!

Video transcript

Hi guys, quick update video for you. 

It’s been more than two weeks since I had this fibrous dysplasia removed from my skull. Of course, it’s very tender still but cannabis helps a lot with the pain. I can actually touch my head now. It feels foreign, it feels really weird, but it’s at least not as painful as it was. It’s wonderful. I’m just glad that the surgery is over and we’re moving forward. It’s great. 

In other news, I won an Apple watch from Oklahoma Chronic magazine here in Oklahoma City. I put some entries into Instagram and I won an Apple watch! 

I’ve wanted an Apple watch but I haven’t asked anyone for one [normally I’d ask my husband for something like this for Christmas] and then I got notified that I won the watch. So I have a brand new watch! I should now be on time again. 

Ever since I took off my last watch, I run a little slower but then again about that time I started getting fibromyalgia. So who knows if it was just the fibromyalgia slowing me down. 

That’s all I got for today. Probably just gonna rest, relax, do some more light walking around, and that’s really about it. Oh and cuddle with the kitties, as Moki reminds me.

Oh! One other thing: my eyebrow here is going up more again. You can start to see that I have much greater range of motion of this eye and eyebrow than I did. This side was not at all moving, it was completely frozen, but now I can actually do this a little bit. It doesn’t open fully just yet but hopefully we’ll see.

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