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Only 2 Days Until Neo Leaves the Matrix!

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Video Transcript:

“Hi everyone! It’s only a few more days until Neo levels up and leaves the matrix for good. I’ve been cleared for surgery after last week’s and yesterday’s pre-op tests so finishing some light cleaning around the house and trying to stay calm. I’m both excited and scared — this surgery is serious but I’m so ready to lose Neo for good.

The surgeons have created a 3D model of my skull including the area to be cut out and reconstructed which is pretty cool use of modern technology. The oral surgeon will be in charge of reconstruction of my cheekbone and upper jaw socket where the tumor has eaten away at them, mainly using parts of my unaffected skull up here and then he’ll close up my skull with the new plate.

Thank you so much for watching this channel and following me on my journey… I will be back with more updates and videos after surgery but until then enjoy the following cat video.”

Brief Commentary on Today’s Tumor News:

I’m excited to get this tumor out, but also a little anxious, as it’s a major surgery…but I will be surrounded by my parents, sister, and husband, under the care of three excellent surgeons, so I’m not too worried.

Neo, the alleged hemangioma in my skull, will be “born” on November 14, 2019. I’m also excited to see more of the science behind my tumor and, of course, to be parted forever from this growth. Ready to remedy the itchiness and stretching of my skin, especially over the tumor itself, as well as the TMJ pain and headaches, once healing is completed post-surgery.

In the next few weeks, all updates will be on Facebook only, unless I’m up to posting, as Don will be in charge of updating HatLadyNicole FB page around the surgery.

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