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Glimmers for a rough day

Having a rough day? Find your glimmers!

What are glimmers?

Glimmers are like little rays of sunshine on even the cloudiest days and can be particularly important for those new to dealing with chronic illness. Coined by psychotherapist Deb Dana, “glimmers” are those moments of brightness and positivity that can make a big difference in how we feel, especially when facing health challenges. Think of them as small but powerful bursts of joy. These moments can range from the simple pleasure of noticing the warmth of the sun on your skin to the heartwarming experience of a kind gesture from someone. Glimmers are like emotional vitamins, providing hope and strength during tough times.

Glimmers provide hope and strength during a rough day (or month or year...)

finding your glimmers

Glimmers often vary from person to person. They’re the things that make us smile or bring a sense of peace, no matter how small they may seem. Here are some everyday examples of glimmers that might brighten your day:

A Glimmer of blooms

Are you looking for some bright, cheerful blooms on a cold, rainy day? You’re in the right place! Look through this gallery of flowers to virtually walk through gardens when you can’t do it in real life.

Mimosa Blooms
Red columbine flower
German chamomile
white columbine flower with hairy beardtongue
Grape Hyacinth Garden
columbine pod with spiderweb
Gaillardia Indian Blanket
Distraction During Flares 3
Distraction During Flares Option 2
Distraction During Flares
Orange butterfly on marigolds 3
Orange butterfly on marigolds
Orange butterfly on marigolds 2
Orange butterfly on marigolds 4
Fennel fronds
grassy walk on a warm day
red and black beetle on stevia
red and black beetle on stevia 2
red and black beetle on stevia graytone
puffball flower with purple flowers behind
Mimosa bloom in sunset
Salsify seeds
okra blooms encased in ice
ice encased branch
pink-tinged okra bloom covered in ice
chinese pistache fall colors in ice
black and white okra bloom in ice
chinese pistache fall colors in ice
ice encrusted thin branches
rose ice storm dripping icicles
spiral vine encased in ice

Reminders of Self-Worth and Positive Messages for a rough day

spoonie Life Humor

Wearing Vintage Hats

Wearing Vintage Hats

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Coping with Chronic Illness

Coping with Chronic Illness

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Distraction During Flares - Bee visiting dahlia

Glimmers for a Rough Day

Some days a Spoonie just needs a little self-care and some bright glimmers of hope - instead of doom-scrolling on social media, check out positive reminders of self-worth, wander through vivid nature photos, and chuckle at silly cat videos

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