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How Am I Feeling Today?

See today’s video (https://youtu.be/OTDvdVh5gTc) for the answer.

Also, I’ve been asked by several people: “why did you just now get your head checked out?”  

Answer: I honestly hadn’t noticed the bump until maybe last year, when it swelled up into a golfball-sized lump and then went back down on its own. Checked with a couple of doctors who didn’t seem to think it was a big deal and was told to keep an eye on it. Another complicating factor: I already knew my cheekbones were very mismatched (just like Mom)…the bump is over that area. It’s hard to distinguish between “normal for me” and “tumor” without the CT scans!

Video Transcript

One of the most common questions that I’ve been asked so far is: how are you feeling?

I don’t really know. Honestly, this is definitely not something I ever expected to happen: to find a large tumor protruding from my skull. But it’s going to be interesting to see the science behind everything–apparently this is a pretty rare type of tumor (don’t know yet if it’s benign or malignant) but from my literature search, it says that most of these tend to be benign so we’re hoping for the best.

I do have a couple of doctor appointments this week so that’s the main update and as soon as I have the doctor appointments then I will upload any videos I have and updates. 

We’ve got Rumble–he’s decided to join us. Everybody’s got to be part of the video I swear. I’m waiting for my husband Don to just show up any minute now. We’ll just have a big kitty pile on the couch like normal yeah.

Here’s Rumble. Hey Rumble, want to say hi to the camera? Yeah, he hates cameras. [cat makes a noise of annoyance] Oh goodness he’s grouchy right now–he’s a little stressed like the rest of us. But we’ll get it figured out. That’s really it.

Until next time, this is Hat Lady Nicole.

Moki my little gray cat here has decided she wants to join us for the video today hi I’m hat lady Nicole and this isn’t the video I thought I’d be shooting today I was planning on working on almost series of chronic illness uh…

so many outtakes so little time really

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