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What I Know So Far About My Tumor

Not much. I’ve looked at the CT scans, noticed the large tumor that has invaded my right temporal skull, and got a healthy dose of research completed on this rare tumor.  A couple of appointments have been set with neurosurgeons and ENT, as one of the affected areas is near the middle ear. Keep an eye out for the videos taken at the appointments…you can hear exactly what I heard from the doctors (assuming they allow me to film…)

neo FD tumor CT scan

I had been planning to start a chronic illness warrior advocate video channel on YouTube, but that will have to wait for now…I just discovered that I have a large tumor in my skull, so I’m focusing solely on that topic for now. These “tumor tales” will serve as my health updates for friends, family, and followers, as I navigate the murky medical waters once more.

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Hat Lady Nicole and this is Moki here with us today. She decided to join in on the video–in fact, I can’t get a video shot WITHOUT her in it right now. So bear with me, we may have a few outtakes on this one.

I recently discovered I have a tumor in my skull. This channel was meant to be a chronic illness warrior advocate [aka Spoonie] channel where I help other chronic illness warriors learn a bit more about their illness and how to improve.

Unfortunately, right now my focus has to be on the tumor so you’re gonna get a bunch of tumor videos from hopefully my doctor appointments (assuming the doctors will allow me to film). And yes, you will have plenty of cat videos because you’ll get to see Moki–this little gray Manx (see she has no tail)–and also you’ll see Rumble on occasion. He’s an all black cat and DOES have a tail just like most cats do.

I hope you’ll join us in this journey and we’ll see what we find out together. Thank you and come back.


[see outtakes at end]

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